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    Creative freedom matters user experience.
    We minimize the gap between reality & technology.
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    We are a creative technology company providing
    key digital services and much more.
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    Because we fully invest
    to carry through complex projects to success.

We are Vankore Company

Vankore is a creative technology company providing key digital services,
focused on investing and building a successful business by applying the power of cloud, business intelligence, big data, information security and Internet of things to real world applications.

Our Vision And Mission

We remain committed to our vision, our mission and our core values,
inspiring us to move forward and make our achievements possible.

Innovation & Best Solutions Approach

We are committed to delivering innovative solutions to ensure the technology projects will produce strategic results.

Fulfillment of our Commitments

Company values reflect our belief in the highest level of service and technology.

Business Vision

Having a business vision is the best way to formalise a clear focus, and make to reach goals and aspirations.

Our Services

We do things differently:
we combine capital, technical and commercial expertise to build a successful business on software and digital information content.

Scaling & Take-off

Evaluating & Starting the Project

  • Market Analysis
  • Business model analysis
  • Business plan
  • Product plan
  • Investment on our own funds

Business Development

Building & Growing the Business

  • Search for financial partners
  • Projects planning and launching
  • Technological support
  • Marketing policy
  • Commercial strategy

Strategic Technologies

Our Main Technologic Scopes

  • Information Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobility

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